Pool Plaster: Painting vs Resurfacing

Pool Plaster: Painting versus Resurfacing

The debate between adding a new plaster layer or just applying paint is one that pool owners must deal with at some point. Compared to resurfacing interior plaster, it may appear that painting is the more affordable solution.

However, pool experts seem to all agree that in the long run, resurfacing your plaster is the better alternative.

Below, we will explore why that is.

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Pool Mastic

Pool Mastic: Everything You Need to Know

Purchasing and maintaining a pool are likely two of the most prominent costs you’ll have as a homeowner. That hefty investment is something you’ll want to take care of for years to come – hopefully, for as long as you’re in the house!

With a pool comes a lot of work and occasional repairs to ensure that everything’s working safely and correctly. Many pool owners, though, don’t know all the inner workings of a pool and how they go together to prevent water leaks. Therefore, it could be difficult to know the root of a pool problem and when a repair or replacement is in order.

Today, we’re going to talk about pool mastic, a crucial part of your pool that does a lot behind the scenes.

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Pool and Garden Safety

Ultimate Pool and Garden Safety Guide

While having a swimming pool can be fun during the summer months, it is also a serious responsibility. Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children and young adults from ages five to 24.

Every year in the United States, approximately 350 children under the age of five drown in swimming pools. However, older adults and pets are not immune to drowning in pools either, but it can be easily prevented.

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