Willsha Pools offers a full range of pool and outdoor living services to McKinney homeowners. Our professionals are here to help and answer any questions you have about your pool.

If you need pool cleaning and servicing, equipment repair, remodeling, new builds and construction, resurfacing, leak detection, outdoor living structures or any other service, Willsha Pools can help.

McKinney Pool Builders & Construction Professionals

If you are thinking about building a new pool at your McKinney residence, be sure to get a free estimate from Willsha Pools.

Our team can walk you through the entire process and help turn your ideas into reality. Our pool construction projects normally begin with 3D pool renderings so you can see exactly how your new pool will turn out.

Give Willsha Pools a call to discuss your new pool project.

Remodel your Existing Pool

Whether you are looking to update your pool or want to add a new pool feature, Willsha Pools can help. Adding a new spa or water feature can really transform your backyard.

If you need to renovate your pool, our team can discuss ideas and provide guidance to stay within your budget.

Pool Resurfacing in McKinney, Texas

Pool Plaster Refinish - Before & After

The Texas season can do a number on your pool surface. Without proper maintenance and care, your pool might be changing colors, peeling, and even starting to crack.

Not only is this unsightly, but a cracking pool can lead to major issues. If you find yourself in this position, it might be time to resurface your pool.

Replastering or resurfacing your pool can make it look new again! Pick between different textures and a number of different colors. You can choose anything from a simple white plaster to an aggregate finish that includes crushed stones and beads.

We have created a resurfacing calculator to help you understand and get a quick estimate for your pool resurfacing project.

All of our McKinney pool resurfacing projects include new jets and drains, startup chemicals, and include a filter clean at no additional cost.

Contact Willsha Pools for your free estimate.

Pool Equipment Repair

Pool owners around the McKinney area have to run their pumps quite often to keep up with the crazy Texas seasons. This takes a toll on some pool equipment and parts start to fail.

We understand it is important to keep your pool running properly so your family and friends can enjoy it when the time comes. If you ever have an issue with any of your pool equipment, call Willsha Pools.

Our equipment professionals can help solve your issues or come replace the equipment in a timely manner.

Leak Detection

A leak can turn into a serious issue for your pool if neglected. In some cases, a leak can be fixed by replastering or resurfacing the pool. In rare cases, the pool plumbing may need to be fixed or repaired. It is also a good idea to regularly check your pool mastic to make sure water is not getting between your pool shell.

Whichever the issue, the leak should be fixed as soon as possible before any major problems arise.

Willsha Pools has a pool leak detection page that will help you determine if and where your pool leak is located.

If you have determined your pool has a leak, it is recommended to get it fixed. If you need help finding the leak or repairing your pool leak, contact Willsha Pools today.

McKinney Pool Service

Willsha Pools has a team of pool service technicians that clean and maintain pools for McKinney homeowners throughout the year. Our team provides pool service packages to fit your needs and schedule.

From regular weekly cleanings that include maintenance checks, vacuuming, netting, and chemicals to partial pool servicing plans to just handle basic pool maintenance and cleans.

In addition to your regular pool service plan, Willsha Pools can provide filter cleans, equipment repairs, and any other services or maintenance your pool or spa may need.

Not only does Willsha Pools provide easy billing and invoicing, but our technicians will provide detailed pool reports that are sent directly to your email after each visit. These reports will include your chemical readings and documentation about service work completed on your pool or spa.

Don’t settle for those pool service companies that hire outside contractors when an issue arises. The team at Willsha Pools can handle all of your pool and outdoor living projects.

Contact Willsha Pools

For a professional pool company near McKinney, contact Willsha Pools for a free estimate today!

If you are getting ready to start a new pool or have questions about your existing pool, Willsha Pools is here to help. We look forward to hearing about your project.