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How to Clean a Green Pool

Getting your pool to return to a beautiful shade of blue when it looks like a swamp can be enough to make any pool owner rethink an afternoon spent cleaning their pool, but it doesn’t have to. Although it might be hard to believe that your green pool will ever be blue again, cleaning it doesn’t have to require a lot of effort.

Our pool cleaning service┬ácan get your pool swim-ready in no time. Many things need to be done to restore the look and function of your pool; let’s review them, so you know what to expect from our friendly and professional pool cleaning service.

Testing the Water

One of the first things that needs to be done is a water test. This test will reveal the current pH levels and chlorine levels in your pool.

If they are too high or too low, they will need to be adjusted.

If your pool is green, it is likely that your pH levels and chlorine levels are too low, and the pool needs to be normalized for proper enjoyment and safety. The green color appears when algae start to grow in the pool; when chlorine levels reach numbers that are too low, the chemicals can’t kill off the algae, giving the pool a scummy green glow.

Restore Balance to the Water

After the pH and chlorine levels have been tested, we’ll know how much chlorine to add to the water to begin removing the algae that have formed.

In general, we like to see a pool’s pH level sit just below 8, or 7.8 to be exact.

This isn’t the kind of pH level you would want if you were going to swim in your pool right away, but when it comes to killing the algae, numbers like these are necessary.

Running the pool pump will help to circulate the chemicals and ensure a thorough clean.

Check and Clean the Filter

To ensure the best cleaning possible, removing and cleaning, or even replacing the pool filter may be necessary.

This process is quick and easy to do, but an essential step needed to ensure that your pool is as clean and healthy as possible.

You may have to change the filter several times during a pool cleaning, depending on the severity of the algae present in the pool. It is essential that the pump and filter are running throughout the day and night while your pool is filtering chemicals and algae to ensure the best clean possible.

If you find that the pool is not coming clean, the filter may not be working correctly and may need to be replaced. Our knowledgeable pool technicians will be able to tell you if you need a new filter.

Scrub the Entire Pool

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

We’ll clean the sides and bottom of your pool using specially designed tools that will help to release and lift dirt, algae and other materials that have settled onto the bottom of your pool. Lapping water will create a residue on the sides of the pool and leave a watermark.

We’ll make sure that is removed as well.

Shock It

After a thorough cleaning and initial balancing, a high level of chlorine will be introduced to the pool to “shock it” or clean it.

The water is going to appear cloudy at first, but don’t worry, as the chlorine works to remove the algae, the pool will look bluer and cleaner in just a few days.

Check the Levels

After a few days of “shocking” the pool, you’ll notice the water clear as the green algae are removed. It’s essential to monitor the chlorine and pH levels during this time to ensure you are killing the algae and bacteria in the pool.

Lastly, we’ll give your pool a complete vacuum, and final cleaning and your pool will be ready to use.

Enjoy Your Clean Pool

Once we’ve given your pool a final “once-over” and ensured that the pH and chlorine levels are at appropriate amounts, your pool is ready to enjoy.

Pool Maintenance is Key

Throughout the swimming season, it’s crucial to monitor and maintain your chemical levels to ensure algae does not reoccur in the pool.

If you have any issues regarding the cleanliness of your pool, or if algae start to return, contact us immediately to arrange a pool cleaning.

Many pool owners don’t like to take care of their pool maintenance themselves; that’s why we are here.

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