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Finding a Pool Service Company Near You

Do you need help cleaning or repairing your pool?

Searching for things like “pool service near me?”

Finding the right pool cleaning company requires more than just looking at prices and reviews. Here are the things you should know about finding a pool cleaning service.

What Types Of Pool Cleaning Services Are There?

Pool cleaning services come in two primary forms: single and scheduled.

Single pool cleaning is a one-time event designed to get your entire pool system as clean as possible. This involves thoroughly scrubbing the walls and floor of your pool, cleaning the pipes and filters, replacing cleaning devices as needed, and otherwise ensuring your pool is safe to use.

Every pool needs deep cleaning on occasion, and this service ensures a professional job.

A weekly/monthly, scheduled pool cleaning is an alternative service where professional cleaners will come clean your pool on a predetermined schedule. This service is the best choice if you don’t want to clean the pool yourself, but would rather leave it to the professionals.

Searching for things like “pool cleaning service near me” is particularly helpful if you need regular service.

Nearby companies can offer a more competitive rate because of the reduced travel times, which can save you a lot of money over time.

What About Pool Maintenance?

Pool maintenance is not the same thing as cleaning your pool.

Instead, this term refers to maintaining your pool chemistry and the auxiliary systems, including pumps and filters. Regular pool maintenance is essential to keeping your pool ready to use at any time (and for avoiding costly repairs).

What does pool maintenance include?

That depends on the service you ask for. Pool services and pool maintenance services offer cleaning services in a wide variety of services you can benefit from, including pool equipment repair, mastic repair, tile cleaning, and regular servicing.

Optional aspects of maintenance include things like pool leak detection, which is useful if your pool seems to be losing water faster than it should be. Every pool slowly loses water due to evaporation, but proper leak detection can find and fix expensive leaks.

If you’re searching for terms like “pool maintenance service near me,” make sure any company you consider offers real maintenance, not just cleaning services under another name.

What Should I Look For When Deciding On A Pool Service Company?

There are a few things to look for when choosing a company for your pool cleaning and maintenance needs.

First, look at the number and variety of services they offer. Some companies only provide basic pool cleaning and don’t do maintenance.

Other companies, like Willsha Pools, offer the full spectrum of cleaning and maintenance services without the need to call in external contractors.

We think it’s best to pick a single company that offers everything you need when it comes to maintaining and fixing any of your pool issues as they arise. After all, if you find yourself needing emergency help with your pool, you probably don’t want to spend hours comparing different companies. If you already know who to call, you can stop many problems from escalating.

Keep in mind that some companies specialize in certain materials or types of pools.

For example, one company might specialize in vinyl pools and be poorly equipped to handle delicate tiles or mosaics. If their website doesn’t mention what you have, they probably aren’t worth calling.

Next, check out the primary work areas of each company. Some companies have a single headquarters that the cleaning and maintenance teams depart from, while others have many local stations or even dispatch people from their homes. Closer isn’t universally better, but the cleaning company should be within one city or one major section of a metropolitan area.

Willsha Pools services pools throughout the DallasFort Worth metroplex.

Look for reviews of the company. Some businesses don’t have very many online reviews, and that doesn’t mean they’re bad, but it can make it harder to trust them for the first call. Reputable businesses actively seek out reviews and customer comments, so the more positive reviews you can find, the better.

Finally, evaluate the price of your remaining contenders. At this point, you may be asking questions like “How much should pool service cost?” and we’ll get to that in a moment.

Remember that price isn’t everything, and small mistakes now can be costly in the future, so it’s usually better to get the most professional company you can.

The Cost Of Pool Maintenance And Cleaning

The simple answer is “it depends.” Pools come in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles, all of which impact the cost of cleaning them. This is often reflected in the final estimates you may receive.

Other factors that can influence cost include how fast you need it done and when a team can do the work. Asking for next-day service from 8 AM to 10 AM is usually more expensive than asking for any date over the next two weeks and giving cleaners the ability to pick and choose a time to visit.

Do not trust any company that offers a single rate for cleaning, regardless of pool size or individual factors. That usually means they’re cutting corners somewhere and not doing a thorough job.

Realistically, cleaning the average household pool will cost $140 to $250 per month for weekly pool service. Particularly large pools, or pools with complex designs and special needs, are more expensive.

How Often Should I Hire A Pool Cleaning Service?

Like the price, that depends. Specifically, it depends on factors like the environment your pool is exposed to and how many people use it.

Public pools, like those in hotels, usually get cleaned every day, with a deeper clean at least once a week. Some pool owners even contract this out to ensure steady, reliable cleaning for guests who expect nothing short of perfection.

Regular homeowners don’t need a professional cleaning every single day, but you should consider getting your pool professionally cleaned at least twice per year. We recommend calling in the professionals at the beginning and end of your pool seasons even if you don’t ask for other help.

Otherwise, the schedule is up to you, but remember that pools need regular cleaning and maintenance to stay in usable condition. Even if you aren’t hiring the professionals, you’ll need to clean your pool if you want to keep using it.

If you’re thinking about buying a pool but don’t know how often to clean it, our team here at Willsha Pools can help you create a personalized pool cleaning plan. Getting this wrong can require anything from expensive pool shocks to replacing your entire pool surface and sometimes equipment, so don’t leave this to chance.

Getting professional help when determining a cleaning schedule is always the best plan.

Why Choose Willsha Pools for your Pool Service?

Unlike many other local pool service companies that you will find in the DFW area, Willsha Pools is not just a pool service and maintenance company.

This means when an issue arises or your pool equipment fails, you don’t have to work with several companies to get your pool back up and operational. A majority of the time, our pool servicing team will be ahead of any issues that we have spotted and be in close communication with you about your pool and equipment health.

These pool and equipment reports are sent via email after each service visit to your pool. These will keep you in the loop about the health of your pool and help you understand any tasks that have been completed.

Every pool needs repairs sooner or later, regardless of how much or how little you use it. This could include anything from refinishing the surface to replacing the pool equipment.

Willsha Pools can give you estimates for these types of services so you can budget for them in advance.

This is one of the many reasons we recommend calling a full-service company. If your cleaning company finds a problem but can’t fix it, you don’t know how long it will be until someone can get out to help.

Willsha Pools can repair most ordinary problems on the spot, and with regular visits, can keep you aware of your pool health and upcoming pool maintenance tasks.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time deep cleaning or a local pool service, contact Willsha Pools today at 817.952.6519.

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